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Innovate and save at least 50% in monitoring your social impact

We know that monitoring social impact is complex. With the right tool you can start now. No bureaucracies, no friction. Decentralize your collection processes and engage your stakeholders to create a data-driven culture within your organization.

PeaceLabs helps you
to monitor social impact
in 4 steps:

Write your
impact story
with impact

More than an annual report, put on a shelf. Your impact reports help you to communicate impact with stakeholders and make better decisions together.

Align your
strategy to
the Sustainable
Development Goals

The SDG are part of Agenda 2030, a statement of 17 Sustainable Goals and their respective 169 targets, as well as frameworks of how to implement them. PeaceLabs help you to choose indicators that will align your projects to this global revolution.

The perpetual
growth tool

Our solution helps you to understand the best practices in choosing indicators, collecting data, displaying results and building reports. That way you can better allocate ressources in projects that are aligned with your corporation strategy.

Are you a social investor?

Understand why start monitoring now

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