Why start now

Decentralize your processes and engage your team in collecting impact data

Delegate the data collection among your project stakeholders. The data collection forms are already programmed for instant responses.

Innovate by implementing a data driven culture in your strategic impact decisions

Get access to the concrete information that bases your decision-making. Position yourself as an innovative company and optimize your investments.

Have a project overview by aggregating and viewing data in elegant reports

Communicate your impact and build trust among stakeholders. Automatic reporting that cross qualitative and quantitative data to bring transparency to your organization.

Leverage your impact with your perpetual improvement engine

System feedback regarding the project encourages your team to optimize the impact of each resource invested.

Learn how monitoring social impact with PeaceLabs helped Instituto Robert Bosch optimize theirs corporate social investments

The future of innovation in social investments

Learn about trends and perspectives in social investment, and what professionals and in the topics are talking about.